Our Clients

We’re a consulting company that offers professional Business Intelligence services. More than ever, organizations are challenged to empower employees with actionable data to drive business performance and increase worker productivity. It is for this reason why BI-Lab was founded.

At BI-Lab Solutions we work with a lot of different customers and varied environments for delivering business intelligence and analysis solutions.

Within our rapidly changing and evolving business world, Discovery Health in the Data Science Unit: Business Intelligence, has partnered with BI-Lab Solutions to enable decision-makers through our analytical, design and architectural engagements to empower business and executive-strategic decisions, ensuring sustainability of the organisation.

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We are delivering critical Risk Management, Good Business solutions to strengthen risk management and improve business making decision within the Bank.

Aspen Pharmacare, a multinational pharmaceutical company, Number One in selling generic drugs through southern Africa. BI-Lab  has partnered with Aspen to deliver a BI managed services,  supporting their entire BI landscape. Also assist in developing the BI Strategy/Roadmap and building Insights to empower business users in order to make better informed decisions.